The Making of
Artwork Production

Spier Architectural Arts carefully oversaw every step of the artistic process, from design development, choosing materials and a suitable mosaic style to translate the design into stone, right through to the detailing of the structural work, to ensure the integrity of the design is honoured and realised to its full creative capacity.

Production took place in their Cape Town studio, where 14 mosaic artists worked for 8 months, totaling 1200 days (8400 hours) to complete the work. Built up in panels, The Wayfarer was crated to the Johannesburg site in fragments and installed panel-by-panel to ensure a seamless application.

The 78 square meter surface of The Wayfarer is constructed with 2.8 tons of material. Applied in the direct method, these materials include travertine, limestone, granite, pebbles, marble, bricks, industrial glass, porcelain, handcrafted ceramic elements and Venetian glass.