The Artwork
Artwork description

The Wayfarer by iconic South African artist Conrad Botes is a site-specific, mosaic artwork commissioned by Telesure and realised by mosaic artists from Spier Architectural Arts.

The colossal central figure portrayed is a self-portrait of the artist that dominates a landscape populated with diminutive anarchic figures running amok. The figure’s body and face, overlaid with tears, indicate the artist’s preoccupation with the troubled state of man’s current existence. Yet the artist, Conrad Botes, portrays this vision of violence and degradation as surrounded by radiating and beautifying light. This light immediately disrupts the viewer’s perceptions of good and evil and challenges the fixity of our beliefs and ideologies.

It is in this way that Botes aims to disrupts the many stories that are deeply embedded in our shared narrative of man’s genesis and encourages us to explore those influences that continue to condition our existence. This artwork is seen by Botes to suggest the possibility of a life free and unbounded by the constraints of limited and indoctrinated ways of thinking values inherited from our forefathers.