The Artist
Artist Experience: A word from the Artist

‘Creating a commissioned painting to be translated into a massive mosaic work was a first for me. Not only because I have never been part of a mosaic project before, but also this was the first time I had to hand over the artwork to be interpreted on such a large scale. I was simply not sure whether it would be successful in the end.

My uncertainties was soon dispelled when I was invited to give regular feedback on the work progress in the Spier Architectural Arts (SAA) studio and any critical input from my side was carefully considered and taken into account.

I had the privilege of witnessing the metamorphosis of a work on canvas into a full-scale three-dimensional work on the mosaic studio’s floor. Looking at the mosaic works laid out on the floor from a ladder I tried to envisage what it would be like to walk around in a large space and look at it from different angles. But nothing came close to the experience of witnessing the piece after it was finally installed in-situ. It has a pulsating intensity that I could never have predicted when I first became involved with the project. I think all the months of incredibly hard work by all those involved have paid off to create something that is truly unique and incredibly rich and powerful.’